the most important thing we deliver? value.

At Flexpress, we feel right at home in the digital world. After all, we’ve been heavy into digital printing since our company began in 1991.

Today, Flexpress is humming with the latest printing technologies and the experts who know how to run them. We offer the state-of-the-art in digital imaging – including the Xerox iGen and DocuTech presses – to give you the best possible quality and price. Plus, we offer services that other companies don’t, including specialty, custom dies, pocket folders and large digital sheets.

When it comes to serving you, there are three things that rise to the top.

Quality. From accurate variable data to rich color to professional binding, our quality is unmatched. Plus, our large printing volume gives Flexpress elite status with manufacturers, so we get access to the latest innovations first.

Cost. For decades, we’ve based our business on competitive wholesale pricing. When you choose Flexpress, you know you’re getting an excellent deal.

Service. Great service isn’t so traditional any more. But Flexpress makes it a huge priority. Because of our welcoming corporate culture, our employees love working here, and it shows in the way they do their jobs. Delivering your estimates quickly. Keeping your job moving through the shop. And helping you meet your most pressing deadlines.

It all adds up to the best value in digital printing today.

Maybe you should start a new tradition – with a non-traditional printer. Contact Flexpress now.

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