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Counting the Days

Flexpress digitally printed calendars

There are seven Mondays left in 2011. We know this because we checked the calendar. That’s the beauty of those timely markers. Every day, week and month can be seen and measured, organized and counted. Even as we are left wondering where this year went we can also look ahead to the next. Perhaps it is because of our love for paper and the printed page, but there is something very reassuring about an actual calendar that can be touched. With them our days are presented in an instantly recognizable measurement with pages to turn as appointments are noted and days marked off. It should come as no surprise that at Flexpress we print many kinds of calendars. The shapes, sizes and formats are as varied as the uses for them. We have templates for most and can help with the design and production of others as needed. Among the more popular: Wall calendars – both saddle-stitched and spiral bound Posters – either a single year at a glance or individual tear-off months available in large format sizes Table tents – ideal for monthly events and special promotions Business card – terrific for appointment reminders Magnetic – can be square … Continue reading

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