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Navigating Corporate Gift Giving

Navigating Corporate Gift Giving

    The holidays are traditionally the peak time for gift giving in the U.S. It is a tangible reminder of the recipient’s importance to you. This is true for business as well as personal relationships. A corporate gift not only shows appreciation, it builds bonds. Honestly, everyone loves to be remembered with a gift. But giving can be a stressful time if you haven’t stopped to ask – and answer – a few key questions. When to give? Traditionally, Christmas gifts were given and the timing was set around that holiday work schedule. With a growing awareness of diversity in the workplace, some have opted to avoid any potential awkwardness and give a more generalized “Holiday” gift any time in December. Although both approaches – based on your knowledge of your customers – are acceptable, we would like to suggest two other options: Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Thanksgiving is a natural fit for business gift giving because it is a time of giving thanks to those who have partnered with you and trusted you with their business needs. A New Year’s celebration gift is perfect for promoting goodwill and hopes of shared prosperity in the future. In either case, … Continue reading

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New Year, New News

Flexpress Digital welcomes 2014

We have a confession. Having the new year fall in the middle of the week provided a nice way to ease back into the routine after the holidays, but we are actually excited to begin the first “full” work week of 2014. We know, it sounds crazy – and maybe even a little masochistic – but the truth is, the latter part of 2013 saw us adding a number of new presses and services and we can’t wait to rev them up and go! The big news, of course, is that we now have three Xerox iGen digital presses, and the newest addition is the biggest and fastest one yet. It can handle a whopping 14.33” x 26” sheet size with a printable area of 14” x 25.5”. It runs a speedy 150 pages per minute, making our quick turnarounds even quicker. The print quality is incredible, too, as it delivers improved detail and sharper images with even better color. We’ll save all the specs and a few of the details for another blog devoted just to this press. Believe us, it’s pretty special. To complement our big presses we’ve also upgraded to a new 4-color envelope press. It makes … Continue reading

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