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Personalize Your Holiday Gifts

Flexpress custom print label

The holidays are upon us and, if you are anything like us, so is the challenge to find just the right way to show clients and business associates how much we appreciate them. Personalizing your cards and gifts is the perfect way to stand out from the many offerings of the season. Whenever a card or gift is sent, adding a personal touch reinforces the message that it is not merely an obligation met, but a true token of appreciation. There are a number of ways to send a unique message to your friends and clients. Custom designed and printed cards, custom printed gift boxes, private labeled gifts and even bottle neck hang tags are but a few. The beauty of digital printing is that any quantity can be printed, large or small. All can be printed with your logo and message, of course. But you can also take it a step further and customize the messages for each recipient by utilizing variable data printing to include their names on the item. While time may be too short to have the gifts monogrammed or engraved, variable data can customize the packaging inline as it is printed, with no delay in … Continue reading

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