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New Year, New News

Flexpress Digital welcomes 2014

We have a confession. Having the new year fall in the middle of the week provided a nice way to ease back into the routine after the holidays, but we are actually excited to begin the first “full” work week of 2014. We know, it sounds crazy – and maybe even a little masochistic – but the truth is, the latter part of 2013 saw us adding a number of new presses and services and we can’t wait to rev them up and go! The big news, of course, is that we now have three Xerox iGen digital presses, and the newest addition is the biggest and fastest one yet. It can handle a whopping 14.33” x 26” sheet size with a printable area of 14” x 25.5”. It runs a speedy 150 pages per minute, making our quick turnarounds even quicker. The print quality is incredible, too, as it delivers improved detail and sharper images with even better color. We’ll save all the specs and a few of the details for another blog devoted just to this press. Believe us, it’s pretty special. To complement our big presses we’ve also upgraded to a new 4-color envelope press. It makes … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day will be observing its 42nd year of raising environmental awareness on Sunday, April 22, 2012. As spring beckons us outside to enjoy nature, it is an excellent time to stop and reflect on what we can do for the environment. It is even better when we can make changes that lessen our impact on a daily basis. We are glad to say that great strides are being made by the printing industry to that end. When people think of the environmental impact of printing they tend to think in terms of paper. This makes sense because paper is the most publicly visible component. Paper mills are indeed working hard to make positive changes through the management of sustainable forests using responsible logging practices and limiting the use of herbicides and pesticides. The Forest Stewardship Council was established to implement a stringent chain of custody procedures to ensure the cleanest, most energy efficient processing and manufacturing possible. And of course recycling remains an important part of their efforts. What is less publicized is the “greening” of the actual process of printing. Traditional offset printers are switching from petroleum-based inks to vegetable-based inks such as soybean, linseed and flax. All of … Continue reading

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Our Scratch Off Technology is a Winner

Flexpress variable data scratch off

If you’ve been wishing you could streamline the production of your next scratch off promotion, you’re in luck! Thanks to our Variable Data capabilities we can print all of the varied messages and codes inline without missing a beat or slowing the process down. Then to top it off, we can top it off – literally, with the scratch off coating. Wow, right? It is no secret that Variable Data Printing is a perfect solution for producing the multiple versions needed for typical contests and promotions. It is not uncommon for the majority of offset printers to print the losing tickets offset and the smaller quantity of winning tickets digital. The slight variations make it possible to tell the difference between the two when they are side by side, without scratching anything off. By printing all pieces digital that problem is solved. Unlike traditional offset printing, digital printing can make changes on the fly so there is no need to stop and change out plates. The changes happen instantly as the sheets pass through the press and all tickets will have a uniform look and feel. The only hurdle in the past was the application of the opaque scratch off … Continue reading

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Digital vs. Offset Printing

Digital vs. Offset Printing

“When is a job better suited to digital vs. offset printing?”  It is a common question. And also one with constantly changing answers. In the past the arguments for offset used to be very easy to rattle off: better resolution/quality; the ability to use PMS colors rather than rely solely on CMYK; more paper options; larger sheet size; better cost per unit on long runs. But technology is moving at an amazing speed and digital presses are putting those arguments to rest. Digital press resolution is improving to the point that the naked eye has difficulty seeing the difference in dpi. There are now digital presses on the market capable of printing actual PMS colors – as well as white ink, which was unheard of only a short time ago. As noted in a previous blog of ours, paper is no longer limited to plain white bond. Specialty papers in various weights and finishes, even plastic, print beautifully on our iGens. As for sheet size, that is expanding, too. The largest digital press currently on the market can take a 13”x47” sheet! That leaves the matter of the size of the job. Historically, digital printing has been the choice for … Continue reading

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