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We admit it… we push the 4-color envelope.

Envelope size chart

It’s true. With increasing postal costs, we encourage our customers to make the most of their mailings and correspondence by going beyond the typical one or two color envelope, and we do it for good reason – your correspondence faces a great deal of competition for attention. We know this because we print a lot of envelopes. Seriously. A lot. And it is no secret that the envelopes with extra color or “not-so-run-of-the-mill-paper” stock are the ones that stand out. Envelopes aren’t just carriers for your marketing materials, they ARE marketing materials. They are, in many cases, the first thing people see from your company, so make that impression count. Extend your branding efforts to the envelope and take advantage of the space to tie in with the message of the marketing piece inside. A well-designed 4-color envelope is not only more likely to be opened first, it is more likely to be opened, period. We believe in the power of color so much that we recently upgraded our 4-color envelope press. Now, more than ever, our envelope and letterhead press delivers top-tier color and crispness. It makes short work of any premade envelopes in sizes from A1 to 10” … Continue reading

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Take Advantage of the USPS Mobile Barcode Postage Discount

Odds are, if you are a retailer, you are already trying to drive traffic to your website to place orders. Adding a QR Code to your mailing pieces simply adds one more way to direct customers there. And now, through August 31st, it can also garner you a 2% discount from the USPS. The discount is available for qualifying Standard Mail and First-class Mail letters, flats, and cards imprinted with a 2-D code that can be read or scanned with a mobile device. There are, of course, requirements to follow in order to qualify for the discount. Those can be found at https://www.usps.com/mobile-barcode. This is an especially good deal for retailers with catalogs and direct mail cards. Obviously, there is the immediate money savings on postage, but for goodness sake, don’t simply slap the code on your mail piece and call it good enough. Use this tool wisely and it will not only save you money, it can also generate sales. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind: 1. Use good art. The right placement, clarity and size are paramount to success… and failure. Nothing turns a customer off faster than being frustrated by a “convenience” that is … Continue reading

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Expand Your Reach with Every Door Direct Mail™

Every Door Direct Mail mailboxes

Recently we discussed the personalized targeting capabilities of variable data printing in direct marketing. But what about those times when you simply don’t have a database established yet? The United States Postal Service is offering a new service that allows you to reach every customer in a chosen area without having the street addresses or even names. With Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM™) you can target areas by neighborhood, ZIP Code or city. USPS letter carriers will deliver your ad or promotion to every mailbox along the selected routes. Because they are already making those stops while delivering the daily mail the cost is extremely reasonable – as little as 14.5 cents per piece for postage. EDDM Retail is a great way to deliver coupons, offers, sales, specials and event promotions to desired audiences in a specific area. It isn’t necessary to know the names or street addresses. Just use the approved EDDM format of “Local Postal Customer”. EDDM Retail is geared to smaller businesses with smaller mailings of 5,000 maximum mail pieces per mailer per day. There is no need for a postage permit and there is no annual fee. However, there are certain size and weight restrictions. To … Continue reading

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Personalized Messages Hit the Target

Personalized Messages Hit the Target

As marketing options continue to increase, the number of messages consumers receive each day is reaching critical mass. How can you stand out in this crowded field? Surprisingly, the best answer might be direct mail. This “old school” approach is actually favored by U.S. consumers, according to a recent survey by Epsilon Targeting. Not only does direct mail get high marks for the preferred method of receiving information, but also for the trustworthiness of the info received. A resounding 60% of those polled said they enjoying checking their mailboxes for postal mail.* It isn’t considered especially sexy or new by marketers, but the numbers indicate consumers do have an emotional bond to direct mail. Adding personalized messages via Variable Data Printing is a great way to further increase that connection. VDP is a process whereby copy and even graphics can be customized inline on digital presses while the job is being printed. This means a marketing piece can be adapted any number of ways to suit the individual recipient, creating a more one-to-one experience. It creates brand recognition and a memorable message because, honestly, who doesn’t like to be recognized and catered to? By targeting their interests and providing relevant … Continue reading

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