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Top 10 Things We Love About Digital Printing

Top 10 Things We Love About Digital Printing

We love digital printing. We love thinking about. We love talking about it. We love doing it. And with Valentine’s Day fast approaching we’d love to share why: 1. Fast Turns. No offset plates = short set up time, and at 110 pages per minute our presses are fearless in the face of deadlines. 2. Ton of paper choices. When it comes to stock, digital printing is anything but plain white vanilla. Our digital presses can print on weights all the way up to 24 pt. and on a variety of colors and finishes – metallic, pearlized, textured and recycled stocks, even plastic! 3. Inline Collation. Electronically collate page images while mixing total black pages with color. Genius. 4. Auto duplexing. The ability to print both sides of the sheet with one pass through the press makes digital fast, efficient and cost effective. What’s not to love? 5. High quality. Vibrant colors and sharp details make our hearts flutter. 6. No shop smell. No alcohols, chlorinated solvents or acids means no stinky vapors. Ahhh… we really, really love that. 7. No messy inks. Digital presses use non-toxic dry inks in closed containers, making it safer for our employees and greener for everyone. … Continue reading

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Employee Spotlight: flood lights

Employee Spotlight:  flood lights

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Move Over, Pulp Fiction

Move Over, Pulp Fiction

Plain vanilla. White bread. Borrrinng. Digital printing means being limited to a narrow choice of stock, right? Many people think that due to short runs and the very process of digital printing, that the only paper choices are white coated or white uncoated. It’s time to put that myth to rest. Those days are long gone at Flexpress. The truth is, digital press capabilities have improved dramatically over the years, and continue to do so. Our Xerox iGens can print on gloss, matte, dull and silk coated papers as well as uncoated textured and specialty stocks, even recycled. Additionally – and we are really excited about this – we have an agreement with a paper dealer that makes it possible for us to provide specialty papers no matter how short the run. And by specialty papers, we mean it. This exclusive agreement is like a super nova in terms of opening the design possibilities for digital projects. Seriously! Announcements, invitations, pocket folders and presentation kits can now be printed in whatever quantity you need, on the stock you really want, without sacrificing your creative vision or blowing your budget with minimum carton requirements. We offer a wide assortment of colors, weights … Continue reading

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