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Are the days of paper calendars numbered?

Are the days of paper calendars numbered?

Just as e-readers and tablets have muscled printed books and magazines into smaller market shares, so smart phones and tablets with calendar apps have drawn many users away from the printed calendar, it seems. These devices all come with calendars, notes, and scheduling capabilities complete with alarms. The schedules can be backed up to cloud servers and data can be retrieved anywhere you can get a signal. Switching from paper is a no-brainer, right? And yet … printed calendars are still here. Yes, perhaps it is true that dinosaurs walk among us. But – perhaps – there is more to it than that. Studies have proven that students who take handwritten notes in class retain more information than those who type or record lectures, and that same neural connection is true when writing appointments by hand. If you want to improve your odds of remembering the appointment, write it down. Speaking of writing, journal-style calendars also have spaces to doodle and take notes. This simple organic action may be a big reason why many people keep their old calendars as journals and diaries. What paper calendars lack in technology is made up for in personality. Wall calendars, for example, have … Continue reading

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Give Your Fundraising Efforts a Boost

Give Your Fundraising Efforts a Boost

Ahh, August – the official month of triple digit temperatures and back-to-school preparations. We can’t do much about the weather, but as band, football, cheer and drill teams begin their practices we do have some terrific ideas to aid Booster Clubs as they support these dedicated students. As school budgets continue to tighten, it becomes more and more important for Booster Clubs to find ways to raise funds for trips, competitions and scholarships. At Flexpress we specialize in bestselling budget-friendly items that supporters want and need. Of course we can print sports program guides, posters, schedules, newsletters, concert and theater programs, and tickets but that is just the beginning. When it comes to calendars we can print a wide assortment, from pocket-sized to magnetic, or wall hangers to school-year organizers. Other popular fundraising items include decals, bumper stickers, window clings, and trading cards as well as yard signs and banners. Want to grow school spirit? Just add water. When it comes to boosting school spirit and raising funds for your organization, few things can compete with the impact of custom labeled water complete with your own logo and name. Water is a great selling concession item at any event and … Continue reading

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Counting the Days

Flexpress digitally printed calendars

There are seven Mondays left in 2011. We know this because we checked the calendar. That’s the beauty of those timely markers. Every day, week and month can be seen and measured, organized and counted. Even as we are left wondering where this year went we can also look ahead to the next. Perhaps it is because of our love for paper and the printed page, but there is something very reassuring about an actual calendar that can be touched. With them our days are presented in an instantly recognizable measurement with pages to turn as appointments are noted and days marked off. It should come as no surprise that at Flexpress we print many kinds of calendars. The shapes, sizes and formats are as varied as the uses for them. We have templates for most and can help with the design and production of others as needed. Among the more popular: Wall calendars – both saddle-stitched and spiral bound Posters – either a single year at a glance or individual tear-off months available in large format sizes Table tents – ideal for monthly events and special promotions Business card – terrific for appointment reminders Magnetic – can be square … Continue reading

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