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Final Impressions of 2011

As so many people do at this time of year we took a moment to look back on 2011. We were pleasantly reminded of the many good things we enjoyed this year. Some things have changed, others remain the same, but ultimately it is our relationships that we remember most fondly. Employees, customers and community involvement all gave us reasons to smile. One of the more noticeable changes we experienced was the update of our website (www.flexpress.com) to better reflect our team philosophy. Each and every member of Flexpress is here to work for our customers and the new design is our way of acknowledging all the people who make us successful. We also put together a couple of videos of our crew and have posted them on our YouTube Channel (FlexpressDigital). Those videos were really fun to make and we think a terrific way to let you know more about our great group of people. We intend to add more in 2012. We hope you check them out. We ventured into other social media outlets, as well: Facebook (www.facebook.com/FlexpressDigital), Twitter (@FlexpressUSA) and Google+ (FlexPress). It has been a fun learning experience and has allowed us to connect with friends … Continue reading

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Looking Back and Looking Forward: 20 Years and Counting

Looking Back and Looking Forward: 20 Years and Counting

December marks our 20th year in business at Flexpress and we can’t help but marvel at the changes that have taken place since 1991. When we started, Johnny Carson was still the host of the Tonight Show; Michael Jordan was playing for the Chicago Bulls (the first time around) and The Silence of the Lambs was scaring the bejeebers out of us at the movies. The Soviet Union dissolved in 1991 but M.C. Hammer was Too Legit to Quit. On the technology front, Microsoft released MS-DOS 5.0 and Apple rolled out the PowerBook 100 as well as the Macintosh Classic II desktop computer that came with a 9-inch black and white screen and a choice of either a 40 or 80 MB hard drive. In August of 1991, Tim Berners-Lee introduced us to his “World Wide Web” web browser concept and the National Science Foundation made the Internet available for commercial use. One million forward thinking computer users jumped on the net that year and, odds are, they’ve never signed off. Things have certainly changed in the printing industry in the past 20 years as well. In 1991 most print jobs were still provided as paste up to traditional printers and … Continue reading

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