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Navigating Corporate Gift Giving

Navigating Corporate Gift Giving

    The holidays are traditionally the peak time for gift giving in the U.S. It is a tangible reminder of the recipient’s importance to you. This is true for business as well as personal relationships. A corporate gift not only shows appreciation, it builds bonds. Honestly, everyone loves to be remembered with a gift. But giving can be a stressful time if you haven’t stopped to ask – and answer – a few key questions. When to give? Traditionally, Christmas gifts were given and the timing was set around that holiday work schedule. With a growing awareness of diversity in the workplace, some have opted to avoid any potential awkwardness and give a more generalized “Holiday” gift any time in December. Although both approaches – based on your knowledge of your customers – are acceptable, we would like to suggest two other options: Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Thanksgiving is a natural fit for business gift giving because it is a time of giving thanks to those who have partnered with you and trusted you with their business needs. A New Year’s celebration gift is perfect for promoting goodwill and hopes of shared prosperity in the future. In either case, … Continue reading

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“Water” You Doing This Fall?

personalized water labels

Even as the temperatures hover near 100° again this week, we can’t help but look forward to fall. Fall means fun here in North Texas. Festivals and cook-offs, fundraisers and walks, sports, and back to school events all gear up to vie for our attention and time. As luck would have it, we have the perfect solution for event organizers wanting to make a splash: custom labeled bottled water. Whether you resell them at school events and fundraisers, or offer them as marketing tools at trade shows and festivals, you can be sure they are a handy and attention-catching way to share your information. The label on our 16.9 ounce bottle measures a healthy 8.25 x 2.5 inches – plenty of space for a logo and message. As digital printers we can produce jobs of any size with the greatest of efficiency and economy. Having a tailgate party and only need one case? No problem. Need multiple pallets for a trade show or big event? We can do that, too. From weddings to ongoing orders for organizations, businesses and Realtors®, the custom labels make a memorable impact. Of course our famously quick turn time extends to the custom water bottles … Continue reading

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Give Fundraising Efforts a Boost

Flexpress school fundraising products

A recent story on a local news station highlighted the concerns of parents and school fundraisers brought about by the new federal and state food guidelines. With restrictions on the sale of high-fat or high-salt foods during the school day, the days of bake sales and selling snacks and candy to support extracurricular activities and organizations may be a thing of the past. Although the ban is a blow to traditional fundraising, we don’t think it has to be death knell for fundraisers. As a matter of fact, it might turn out to be a great time to look at some fresh, updated ideas – to make healthy, non-fattening lemonade out of lemons, as it were. There is no denying that food has always been an easy sell, but there are a number of non-food items that are in demand and can boost sales. At Flexpress, in addition to our usual printing services, we also have a world of ASI specialty and promotional items at our fingertips. School spirit and organization affiliation pride can be shown with any number of custom printed items. They range from inexpensive school supplies that any child can afford to more elaborate offerings and all … Continue reading

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We admit it… we push the 4-color envelope.

Envelope size chart

It’s true. With increasing postal costs, we encourage our customers to make the most of their mailings and correspondence by going beyond the typical one or two color envelope, and we do it for good reason – your correspondence faces a great deal of competition for attention. We know this because we print a lot of envelopes. Seriously. A lot. And it is no secret that the envelopes with extra color or “not-so-run-of-the-mill-paper” stock are the ones that stand out. Envelopes aren’t just carriers for your marketing materials, they ARE marketing materials. They are, in many cases, the first thing people see from your company, so make that impression count. Extend your branding efforts to the envelope and take advantage of the space to tie in with the message of the marketing piece inside. A well-designed 4-color envelope is not only more likely to be opened first, it is more likely to be opened, period. We believe in the power of color so much that we recently upgraded our 4-color envelope press. Now, more than ever, our envelope and letterhead press delivers top-tier color and crispness. It makes short work of any premade envelopes in sizes from A1 to 10” … Continue reading

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New Year, New News

Flexpress Digital welcomes 2014

We have a confession. Having the new year fall in the middle of the week provided a nice way to ease back into the routine after the holidays, but we are actually excited to begin the first “full” work week of 2014. We know, it sounds crazy – and maybe even a little masochistic – but the truth is, the latter part of 2013 saw us adding a number of new presses and services and we can’t wait to rev them up and go! The big news, of course, is that we now have three Xerox iGen digital presses, and the newest addition is the biggest and fastest one yet. It can handle a whopping 14.33” x 26” sheet size with a printable area of 14” x 25.5”. It runs a speedy 150 pages per minute, making our quick turnarounds even quicker. The print quality is incredible, too, as it delivers improved detail and sharper images with even better color. We’ll save all the specs and a few of the details for another blog devoted just to this press. Believe us, it’s pretty special. To complement our big presses we’ve also upgraded to a new 4-color envelope press. It makes … Continue reading

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Give Your Fundraising Efforts a Boost

Give Your Fundraising Efforts a Boost

Ahh, August – the official month of triple digit temperatures and back-to-school preparations. We can’t do much about the weather, but as band, football, cheer and drill teams begin their practices we do have some terrific ideas to aid Booster Clubs as they support these dedicated students. As school budgets continue to tighten, it becomes more and more important for Booster Clubs to find ways to raise funds for trips, competitions and scholarships. At Flexpress we specialize in bestselling budget-friendly items that supporters want and need. Of course we can print sports program guides, posters, schedules, newsletters, concert and theater programs, and tickets but that is just the beginning. When it comes to calendars we can print a wide assortment, from pocket-sized to magnetic, or wall hangers to school-year organizers. Other popular fundraising items include decals, bumper stickers, window clings, and trading cards as well as yard signs and banners. Want to grow school spirit? Just add water. When it comes to boosting school spirit and raising funds for your organization, few things can compete with the impact of custom labeled water complete with your own logo and name. Water is a great selling concession item at any event and … Continue reading

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Tee Time Gets Personal

custom printed golf ball packaging

  Spring officially arrives March 20th. Warm weather and green grass beckon. For many people this means one thing: it’s time to hit the links. As tempting as it might sound to sneak out from work to play a few rounds, at Flexpress we are content to stay busy printing custom golf ball boxes. Personalized packaging is a great attention grabber and these custom boxes are perfect for any number of golf events, from charity golf tournaments to wedding party gifts or even private labeled for country clubs. They also make great fundraising items for school teams. The custom printed box can hold three golf balls and provides ample space to display your message. We can supply the template, or set up the art for you if you’d rather be golfing. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss a thing. Although we can’t join you on the golf course for a “business meeting” we will be more than glad to discuss any questions you may have, just email us at sales@flexpress.com or call 972.980.2631 at your convenience.

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Personalized Messages Hit the Target

Personalized Messages Hit the Target

As marketing options continue to increase, the number of messages consumers receive each day is reaching critical mass. How can you stand out in this crowded field? Surprisingly, the best answer might be direct mail. This “old school” approach is actually favored by U.S. consumers, according to a recent survey by Epsilon Targeting. Not only does direct mail get high marks for the preferred method of receiving information, but also for the trustworthiness of the info received. A resounding 60% of those polled said they enjoying checking their mailboxes for postal mail.* It isn’t considered especially sexy or new by marketers, but the numbers indicate consumers do have an emotional bond to direct mail. Adding personalized messages via Variable Data Printing is a great way to further increase that connection. VDP is a process whereby copy and even graphics can be customized inline on digital presses while the job is being printed. This means a marketing piece can be adapted any number of ways to suit the individual recipient, creating a more one-to-one experience. It creates brand recognition and a memorable message because, honestly, who doesn’t like to be recognized and catered to? By targeting their interests and providing relevant … Continue reading

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Personalize Your Holiday Gifts

Flexpress custom print label

The holidays are upon us and, if you are anything like us, so is the challenge to find just the right way to show clients and business associates how much we appreciate them. Personalizing your cards and gifts is the perfect way to stand out from the many offerings of the season. Whenever a card or gift is sent, adding a personal touch reinforces the message that it is not merely an obligation met, but a true token of appreciation. There are a number of ways to send a unique message to your friends and clients. Custom designed and printed cards, custom printed gift boxes, private labeled gifts and even bottle neck hang tags are but a few. The beauty of digital printing is that any quantity can be printed, large or small. All can be printed with your logo and message, of course. But you can also take it a step further and customize the messages for each recipient by utilizing variable data printing to include their names on the item. While time may be too short to have the gifts monogrammed or engraved, variable data can customize the packaging inline as it is printed, with no delay in … Continue reading

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Counting the Days

Flexpress digitally printed calendars

There are seven Mondays left in 2011. We know this because we checked the calendar. That’s the beauty of those timely markers. Every day, week and month can be seen and measured, organized and counted. Even as we are left wondering where this year went we can also look ahead to the next. Perhaps it is because of our love for paper and the printed page, but there is something very reassuring about an actual calendar that can be touched. With them our days are presented in an instantly recognizable measurement with pages to turn as appointments are noted and days marked off. It should come as no surprise that at Flexpress we print many kinds of calendars. The shapes, sizes and formats are as varied as the uses for them. We have templates for most and can help with the design and production of others as needed. Among the more popular: Wall calendars – both saddle-stitched and spiral bound Posters – either a single year at a glance or individual tear-off months available in large format sizes Table tents – ideal for monthly events and special promotions Business card – terrific for appointment reminders Magnetic – can be square … Continue reading

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