“Non-traditional.” That phrase perfectly describes Flexpress – from our digital printing capabilities to our service to our corporate culture.

In short, we’re not like the rest. Which is why our clients really like us.

a history of looking to the future.

As you might expect, Flexpress Digital had a non-traditional start.

When we first began, we were printing materials digitally for ourselves. We owned a software firm and needed a way to create high-quality manuals as updates came out. Once we bought the digital press, we didn’t want it to sit idle, so we offered our services to other companies. The first outside clients at Flexpress are still clients today – a fact we’re really proud of.

Flexpress started out with about 3,000 square feet, and now occupies just under 12,000. From three employees, we’ve grown to 25. And, of course, the presses we use and services we offer have improved by a factor of bazillion.

Our volume has grown quite a lot, too. Today, we print about 5 million pieces per month on our machines, give or take a few hundred thousand.

Every single day, we look for new ways to serve you – improving costs, increasing efficiency and raising quality.

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why flexpress?

The most important thing we deliver? Value.

Flexpress is humming with the latest printing technologies and the experts who know how to run them.. learn more

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